Does the Bladesinger Need Fixing?

There is much online discussion about fixing the Bladesinger; but does it really need fixing?

The Simplest Virtual Table Top?

We're all stuck in the house on lock-down. Playing online is pretty new for a lot of us, so we found a super-simple s...

Update and Gaming During COVID-19

Well, life has certainly changed since my last post.  The vast majority of us are currently under Stay at Home orders...

The Importance of a Great Scribe

If you are playing once per week and everyone's brain age is less than the 'answer to the ultimate question of life, ...

The Best 5E Medium Length Campaign Adventure Book

There are many modules (adventures) published for 5E.  We like the official WOTC materials and there are several thir...

The Iconic Blackwing Pencil

Blackwing is the choice of the discerning tabletop pencil to paper RPG gamer.  The folks at Blackwing have dialed it ...

Roll for Initiative!

Roll for Initiative!  Maybe the most recognizable phrase in D&D and several other Tabletop RPGs.  Combat is at ha...

First Blog Post!

Hi Folks! We hope that you are enjoying the webstore.  We've created this webstore in order to get the things that Ta...
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