Travel and Exploration in D&D

The DMG provides guidance for running exploration and travel in our Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, boiling it down to two choices: montage or hour-by-hour. For me, these options offer too much or too little. The hour-by-hour approach as described ends up feeling repetitive in the best of circumstances (it’s a lot of hours from Waterdeep to Silverymoon). Worse yet, the montage approach cuts out exploration all together. There are spells and class features that become irrelevant. There are entire chapters of the PHB that won’t come up. The whole “rangers are the worst class” trope only exists because exploration is commonly skipped.

Free, Printable Spell Cards

Meet the fillable PDF template designed for Avery Presta 94211 Rectangle Labels (2 1/3" x 3 3/8").

What's the Weather Like?

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Aukun’s Guide to Hucking and Smashing

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Does the Bladesinger Need Fixing?

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The Simplest Virtual Table Top?

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Update and Gaming During COVID-19

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The Importance of a Great Scribe

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The Best 5E Medium Length Campaign Adventure Book

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The Iconic Blackwing Pencil

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Roll for Initiative!

Roll for Initiative!  Maybe the most recognizable phrase in D&D and several other Tabletop RPGs.  Combat is at ha...
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