Roll for Initiative!

Roll for Initiative!  Maybe the most recognizable phrase in D&D and several other Tabletop RPGs.  Combat is at hand, but who rolled what?  What did the bad guy(s) roll / where does it fall within the party?  Split up the Monsters or No..?  

Initiative Tracking Cards take most of the questions and memory issues away.  Simply complete one card for each PC and use one or multiple Monster trackers.  Go around the table and place them in order from RIGHT to LEFT - this way they show up intuitively for the Players!  Don't worry, there are arrows that allow both the DM and the Players know which way to go.   

The DM side also contains AC, Spell Save, Max HP, Passive, and any special notes.  It's Heads Up view for the DM - more eye contact with the Players = more immersive.  Quick decisions on whether a strike hit a PCs AC are made at the DM level, instead of "Does 18 hit your AC", it's, "the Veteran smacks you on the top of the head with the flat side of his Great Sword, drawing a bead of blood - temporarily blinding your left eye!"  The first time you use 'em, the Tank in your group will absolutely challenge you - "Your attack hits a 21 AC???".  Yep.

Pro-Tip:  Draw or Print an image of the PC on the Player side (Player or DM can do) - Players will visualize their characters...  More immersion...  More better...

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