December Dev Update: Reviews & Timezone support

Over the next few weeks we’ll be rolling out some major feature additions and associated UI upgrades. As we cross 2000 users we’re getting a lot of great input from users. This is Beta so please reach out with your feature requests and general feedback it helps us prioritize our massive to-do list!

A few big features are live on the site now, and a taste of things to come, especially surrounding finding players/GMs for virtual games (ie. not geographical).

  • DM/GM Reviews and Ratings are live. (you can go back and review past DMs in your dashboard, just scroll down and you’ll see some yellow bars where reviews are avail)
  • DM/GM search will now prioritize by rating, activity, profile completeness (geography will always be first, for when that matters again).
  • Time Zone Support: you’ll now see all times on the site in your default timezone (you can change this in your preferences if we guess wrong).
  • Click-drag date selection on calendar widget.
  • DM/GM can now add custom specialties (don’t get too weird with this, a little weird is cool).

    ▪    Fixed a bug where notifications weren’t cellaring on some browsers.
    ▪    Cleaned up issues surrounding ghost-games


Coming Next:

    ▪    Automated player / game suggestion (opt-in)
    ▪    Automated DM suggestion
    ▪    Browser interface cleanup (birthday input)
    ▪    Game/DM search UI upgrade

Coming Soon:
    ▪    GM features and Dashboard tools
    ▪    GM additional services support
    ▪    Comment/Conversation management options
    ▪    Game store and convention feature set
    ▪    GM marketing integrations
    ▪    Integrations agogo!

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