Development Update: Sept 16th 2020

This week:

As we’ve opened up Beta and begun some fun content promotions (Thanks DM HighFive), we are rapidly approaching 1,000 users. To that end, this week is light on new features and heavy on cleanup as the rush of users uncovers more edge-cases and things we overlooked, or didn’t think of.

    ▪    First Login Features added - new users will have a create-a-game walk-through and three followers automatically (Gordie, James and Al).
    ▪    Added click-share social links

    ▪    Cleaned up user settings, UI and profile setup (more coming)
    ▪    Cleaned up bug reporting system to add more reface data automatically.
    ▪    added ability for users to self-delete (even if they’ve joined games/made comments)
    ▪    Fixed misc. page time-outs
    ▪    Fixed errors surrounding removing and re-creating stripe accounts
    ▪    Fixed entire-site crashing error caused by fantasy grounds icon name (really).
    ▪    Privacy review through all user-relationships to check for permission loopholes.


Coming Next:

    ▪    Additional options for inviting not-yet-members
    ▪    Ask-to-join option for public games (currently public games are auto-join)
    ▪    G-cal/iCal integration
    ▪    Game search refinements (currently designed to prioritize local/in-person games, needs adjustment for all-virtual/COVID)
    ▪    Greater player-management for game admins

Coming Soon:
    ▪    Recurring dates and Availability (I can play every-other-tuesday)
    ▪    Click-drag availability selection
    ▪    Time Zone support (again, originally designed for local/IRL play)
    ▪    Ability for DMs to add custom specialties
    ▪    Flexible time scheduling

Coming Future:
    ▪    GM features and Dashboard tools
    ▪    GM reviews
    ▪    Automated player/DM/Game matching and notifications
    ▪    GM additional services support
    ▪    Comment/Conversation management options
    ▪    Game store and convention feature set
    ▪    GM marketing integrations
    ▪    Integrations agogo!
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