Inspiration Pack

Inspiration Pack

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2x Inspiration Ale: Crack open a bottle of liquid inspiration with this inspiration token! The character gets advantage on a roll, and the player gets a cold-one. This handmade, stainless steel inspiration coin can also open your ales, be they homebrew or Bell's.

Coin is 2" diameter, laser-etched, with some serious heft.

1x Bardic Inspiration Codex: You've spent decades perfecting your lyrics and harmonies. You've fine-tuned every word of your poem to inspire your companions to victory! Then, but then, they leave their inspiration sitting on the table. They failed the saving throw while you were taking a sip of ale and didn't add the inspiration you so diligently engendered.

No more! This is a hand-made, laser-etched, stainless steel codex. Two disks that swivel to reveal the die-size of your inspiration level. Dial it in, and pass it to your companion. These also make a great gift for the Bard in your life.

Each coin is 1.5" diameter, and has some serious heft. 

Handmade in Traverse City, play tested in Ann Arbor.

NOTE: these are low-volume, hand-made items. Each one will be slightly different! 

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