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Radiant Damage
Radiant Damage
Radiant Damage
Radiant Damage
Radiant Damage
Radiant Damage
Radiant Damage
Product image 1Radiant Damage
Product image 2Radiant Damage
Product image 3Radiant Damage
Product image 4Radiant Damage
Product image 5Radiant Damage
Product image 6Radiant Damage
Product image 7Radiant Damage

Radiant Damage

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Base Set:

  • 4d4
  • 4d6
  • 4d8
  • 4d10
  • 2d12
  • 1 Embroidered Bag

Polyhedral dice specifically designed, produced, and packaged for rolling radiant damage in Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition. The main set of 18 dice supplement your standard polyhedral set by adding the quantity needed for satisfying damage rolls—not to mention stylish flair.

Like casting Sunburst? Like critting demons with upcast Crown of Stars? Don't we all, but we thought offering a Damage Dice Set of 60 might be overkill, so instead you can get add-on sets of 4 dice in d4, d6, d8, d10, d12 or 2d20.

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