DM Pads: 3 Pack
DM Pads: 3 Pack
DM Pads: 3 Pack

DM Pads: 3 Pack

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This Pack includes:
  • 2 x Encounter pads (100 sheets)
  • 1 x Session pad (50 sheets)

The Gyld Encounter Pad keeps your session running smoothly. Effortlessly flip through and grab the BBEG sheet when your party decides to head straight for the floating tower. Stay focused on crafting an immersive adventure for your players instead of flipping through books and pages of notes. After the battle, each sheet becomes a detailed record of the encounter to aid in your recap and XP tracking.

The Gyld Session pad is the quick-reference essential for a busy GM. Keep detailed track of your sessions without losing focus on your world building. Session outline, XP, character details and session logistics all in one half-sheet. Ideal for staying organized when you're running multiple campaigns and parties.

The pads are half-sheet size to conserve space behind your screen, and printed in red-ink for high contrast with your pencil.

Each pad contains 50 pre-printed 5.5"x8.5" (half-sheet) encounter sheets. Printed in Cleveland, OH and play tested in Ann Arbor, MI.