Harptos Calendar 2020
Harptos Calendar 2020
Harptos Calendar 2020
Harptos Calendar 2020
Product image 1Harptos Calendar 2020
Product image 2Harptos Calendar 2020
Product image 3Harptos Calendar 2020
Product image 4Harptos Calendar 2020

Harptos Calendar 2020

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We know what you're thinking: the Gregorian calendar is painfully close to the Harptos calendar. Like, you could probably live your life on the Harptos calendar and get by just fine in a world full of Gregorians. It would probably be a little (very) annoying to your less cool friends and family, but you could do it.

Coincidentally, here at Gyld, "but you could do it" is exactly the bar we set for product ideas.

So here you go! This wall calendar is perfect for your lair, game room, living room, or primary office calendar. We've included some subtle queues in each month to keep you aligned to that other, Pontiff-based, calendar at a glance without breaking the world. Additionally, all the important holidays are in there for 2020: Gygaxmas, Gencon, Pax-Unplugged... you know, the big ones.

Designed in Ann Arbor, MI / Printed in Cleveland, OH.

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